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St. Archer Mosaic IPA and Gunsight Couloir at Alta

A week from now, the holiday skiers will invade Little Cottonwood Canyon. That’s why I have been elated to get some good days in at Alta before the lift lines are filled with name labeled skis and rainbow dial-a-bindings. When … Continue reading

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Back in my Turf with the Namesake Beer – Sawtooth Tandem Double Rye IPA in the Sawtooth

No innovation in brewing has meant more to SummitBrew than the crowler, the “canned on-the-spot” alternative to the 64 ounce glass growler. Sawtooth Brewing in the Wood River Valley of Idaho was where I first saw this magic in action … Continue reading

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Millvue Peak Paired with Odell Isolation Ale

With the explosion in popularity of backcountry skiing, there’s a risk that I use my years of experience in the sport as an excuse to look upon the johnny-come-latelys with a bit of disdain. This last weekend, I had to … Continue reading

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“I Can See My House from Here” – Broads Fork Twin Peaks Paired With Sockeye Galena Gold

Very few people in this world know what what it’s like to not have to wear a uniform for work. At some point in our lives, unless you’re Donald Trump or Prince William or the fortunate (or unfortunate) heir to … Continue reading

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Zion N.P. Observation Pt./ Duvel Golden Ale

Zion National Park really never really slows down.  Some credit for the continual traffic goes to the entrance town of Springdale itself, which seems to find great ways to to attract tourists outside to the convenient travel brackets of Memorial … Continue reading

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Turtlehead Peak with Tenaya Creek Hop Ride

Moments after I stepped out of the Las Vegas airport, I remembered why I liked Reno and, until now, had never stepped foot in Clark County.  Reno appealed to me for the easy access to the Sierra Nevada and its … Continue reading

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Devil’s Lake/Balanced Rock paired with Ale Asylum Bedlam Trappist IPA

In Wisconsin, the term “summit” needs to be qualified somewhat.  One usually infers “mountain” when hearing the word “summit”, but the lack of said mountains in Wisconsin has never deterred Midwesterners from using such lofty geographical nomenclature.  For example, I … Continue reading

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Uinta Lake 10,919 and SanTan Devil’s Ale

Minimal seems to be the theme in outdoor recreation.  Nowhere has the minimal fad done more to benefit the outdoor enthusiast than in backpacking.  Over the past few years, through various upgrades and refinements, I have winnowed weight from my … Continue reading

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Mudshark Full Moon and Thunder Mountain

While the challenges of moderation have never been too difficult for me, years of enjoying beer combined with years of self-examination have taught me that the needle on my consumption gauge may fall just a few degrees over “moderation”. In … Continue reading

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Reynolds Peak and Uinta Yard Sale

Choosing a name for a brew can sometimes be as important as concocting the recipe (just ask the folks at New Belgium if they think the name “Fat Tire” hasn’t added to the marketability of their beer to cyclists).  So Uinta Brewing … Continue reading

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