Summit Brew is a website dedicated to the supreme bliss of climbing peaks, combined with the supreme bliss of another favorite pastime of mountain denizens; drinking quality microbrews after a day spent outside. 

The idea of Summit Brew is simple – bag a peak, have a drink! Nothing is better than enjoying a cold one with friends after a successful summit while taking in the view. Celebrating the mountains is our passion, and what better way is there to honor our ancient rock watchers and protectors than by toasting them after every ascent.

To do this, we write trip reports of our successful summit bids, followed by beer reviews of our favorite brews. We only review micro brews, because if you bring a Bud Light or something to the top of a mountain, Ullr or some other lofty god will surely (and appropriately) strike you down with a bolt of lighting, or maybe a fatal tumble off a thousand-foot cliff. Best not to tempt fate.

So if you like to hike mountains, and you enjoy quality beer, then this website is your home.

Happy climbing, and Cheers!

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